Plan. Build.
Test. Deploy.

I'm passionate 💖 about finding out end user needs and creating beautiful interfaces with sustainable architecture.


On my toolbox

These are my preferred technologies when it comes to implementing your solutions.

  • Typescript

    I've used typescript to develop Desktop/Mobile apps, web development and REST apis.
  • Python

    I use python for scripting, cli interfaces and REST api development.
  • Golang

    Go is my go-to language when efficiency and speed 💨 is needed.
  • Ionic/React

    Ionic/React has allowed me to develop desktop, mobile and web applications.
  • Next.js

    Is so easy to develop static sites with Next.js, I always recommend it.
  • Docker/k8s

    I use containerization in all my projects. I believe in reproducible development environments.

    I've used S3, EC2 and Beanstalk when lauching client apps, but my favourite is GCP.
  • Github Actions

    I ❤️ (LOVE!) automation. I don't want to be doing manual stuff all the time.
  • Git

    Team work and order is important to me, therefore I put almost everything I do into git.

Case studies

Here I list some of the most complex and multidisciplinary projects that I've been a part of.

Expedia API Integration

An end-to-end implementation of the shopping and booking engines for Wheel The World. It helped increase their bookings by 39% on Q1 2023.

  • Express.js
  • Next.js
  • Go
  • Stripe
  • MySQL
  • Redis

Wheel The World CI/CD

An optimization project to bring down costs and increase reliability of the CI/CD pipeline. It allowed startup to speed up their development process.

  • Docker
  • Github Actions
  • Google Cloud

Soleit desktop app

An electron app made with Ionic React capable of aiding in the diagnosis of foot issues. It allowed the Soleit startup raise funding for its growth stage.

  • Ionic
  • React
  • Electron
  • Express.js
  • Sequelize
  • Python


A collection of useful, lightweight and reliable dockerfiles. Based on debian sid and stable, images are built and tested weekly.

  • Docker
  • CI/CD
  • Python
  • Bash
  • Ruby
  • Rspec

Canaima GNU/Linux

A Linux distribution developed to power several projects of the venezuelan government, among them the adoption of free software on the public administration.

  • Debian
  • Packaging
  • Python
  • Django
  • Bash

My Journey

I've worked with very interesting people along the years. Every client had its particular set of challenges and requirements which made me bring the best of me to the table.


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